About Us

LOGO 2 FOLASHADE’s TEMPLE is a world class publicity team well-known across the world in over 52 countries. FOLASHADE’s TEMPLE is currently a PR for MTN (South Africa), GLO (Nigeria), Tecno to list few out of many. And also PR for lots of established and rising artistes.

We deal in promotions of artistes & makes them reach the same level with the Top listed artistes of today, also publicise for established artistes as well. We Promote and hype artistes & their songs/label.

FOLASHADE’s TEMPLE also hype brands/businesses across the world to make them more popular and also help brands/businesses to publicise messages/info about them or their new offer to millions of internet users across the world by our exclusive means of promotion which will make their brand name trend on social media for days/weeks (as the contract may be).

We also deal in social media marketing: selling of real twitter followers; 5000, 10,000 50,000 100,000 etc twitter followers and instagram followers for the cheapest rate ever that will be delivered to you in less than 24hours!!. Not only that, we also sell thousands of facebook LIKES, Youtube Views and Youtube channel subscribers also for the cheapest rate ever.

Our website also enjoys over seven thousands of visitors from over 52 countries across the world every single day.

FOLASHADE’s TEMPLE promote artistes songs to over 47 popular music blogs/sites with premium hype on social media that will make your song trend for a week which we’ll also guarantee you over 10,000 DOWNLOADS in the first week of hype.

contact us directly for business and advert placement mail afolashade.adedeji@gmail.com

twitter: @SexyFolshade LOGO ft


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